, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Gets Patent For Noise Cancellation Headphone That Knows When Someone Calls The Wearer’s Name, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has received a patent for a noise cancellation earphone that knows when someone calls the headphone wearer’s name. Amazon’s design will analyze incoming noise and listen for particular phrase, trigger words, and sounds for instance ‘Hi Ann’. Upon recognition of the phrase or keyword, the device will temporarily stop noise cancellation so that the headphone wearer can hear outside sounds. The patent document has indicated that suspension of noise-cancelation could also be triggered by an electronic, non-audio signal sent from a second device, for instance, a doorbell.

According to The Verge, the headphones will have A.I enabled microphones that would intercept and analyze noise for trigger sounds. CNET indicated that the headphone could use the same technology like Amazon’s Echo’s Alexa.

The patent filing has listed Mark Rafn and Benjamin Scott as the inventors of the headphone. Scott’s LinkedIn profile has his job title as Alexa Information, suggesting that the patent could be used to improve users’ experience with the company’s voice-activated virtual assistant. Though, it is possible the company what to help people who walk around with headsets on their ear and have no clue when they are being called, It could be just another patent left to gather dust in Amazon’s intellectual property files.

Amazon joins other companies including Doppler Labs that are interested in technology with selective hearing. Doppler Labs has been working on active listening ear bud that allows users to either enhance or eliminate certain frequencies depending on their preference. Users can reduce the sound of a crying baby or boost the bass when they are in a club. Doppler’s CEO Noah Kraft believes that audio is the next great frontier for computing. He noted that putting Alexa into headphones is the next logical step.

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