Strong Sell Calls Count For StemCells, Inc. (NASDAQ:STEM) At 0

Buy calls count on StemCells, Inc. (NASDAQ:STEM) stock stands at 0 and Sell recommendations is 0 while hold recommendations is 0.

StemCells, Inc. (NASDAQ:STEM) has a total of 3 Strong Buy calls and 0 Strong Sell advises as of 2016-05-29.

Zacks uses a rating procedure which assigns scores to stocks on a narrow 1-5 scale. When a stock gets a score of 1 or 2, it is considered to be a buy call, while a stock with a 3 score is suggested as a hold call.

Most of the brokerage implements self-advanced process to give a score to stocks. It becomes exceptionally confusing for investors to take a final investment call due to numerous ratings available across the market. Some brokerages state ‘strong buy’ as their top rating while other entities don’t have it in the list. Zacks finds mean of calls for getting a single score, which can be in decimals. Also, it is different from Zacks rank.

A month earlier, the meant analysts score was 1. Strong buy ratings were 3 and strong sell ratings were 0.

A month earlier, 0 were the Buy calls while Hold calls were 0. The Sell calls on StemCells, Inc. (NASDAQ:STEM) were 0.

Two months earlier 3 were the Strong Buy calls whereas Strong Sell calls were 0. During this period, the hold calls were 0. The buy recommendations were 0 and sell calls count was 0. Analyst score was 1.

A quarter ago, the mean score was 1 and 0 were Strong Sell recommendations. Strong Buy calls were 3, the buy calls were 0 and sell calls on StemCells, Inc. (NASDAQ:STEM) were 0. The count of Hold ratings was 0.

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