Buy Recommendations Count For Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN) At 1

Zacks rating methodology assigns scores to companies on a simplified 1-5 scale. A score towards the 1-2 band indicates a Buy call, 3 score implies a Hold while a rating of 4 or 5 denotes Sell call.

Each brokerage group has its own way of assigning rating that makes it difficult to evaluate broker calls between different brokerage houses. For instance, for some brokerages “sell” is the strongest sell call, while for some “sell” rating comes after “strong sell” rating. Zacks calculates the average of all the actual recommendations made by these brokerages for a particular stock. The ABR is assigned in decimals and considerably differs from Zacks rank, which is given in whole numbers.

The total number of Buy calls is 1 and Sell recommendations is 0 while hold recommendations is 7.

Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN) has a total of 2 Strong Buy recommendations and 1 Strong Sell recommendations as of 2016-05-14.

One month earlier, the strong buy calls were 2 and strong sell count was 1. The mean analyst rating was 2.73.

A month earlier, the Buy recommendations were 1 and Hold recommendations count was 7. The Sell recommendations were 0.

Two months earlier the Strong Buy recommendations were 2 and Strong Sell recommendations count was 1. While 7 were the hold calls two months ago.

The buy recommendations two months earlier were 1 and sell calls count was 0. The consensus analyst rating was 2.73.

Three months earlier the consensus brokerages rating was 2.55 and 1 were Strong Sell recommendations. The count of Strong Buy recommendations was 2.

The number of buy recommendations a quarter earlier was 1 and sell calls count was 0. The number of Hold ratings was 7.

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