Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 10 Receives New Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Messenger And Instagram Apps

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has announced the rolling out of its Facebook and Messenger apps to Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 10 on desktops and a new Instagram app on Windows 10 mobile.

The apps were first announced back in October, and now they are available to users.

The new Facebook app has been designed to utilize Windows 10 features including ‘Live Tiles’ giving the user the chance of seeing status updates from friends and family on the home screen. The app has also been integrated with File Explorer enabling users to share photos to Facebook from their favorite app. Desktop notification for updates has also been introduced.

The new Facebook application features latest features from the company, including the new ‘Reaction’ that gives users the chance to express their emotions when responding to a post as opposed to the traditional ‘like.’ Stickers have also been included in the comments section. In the right-hand column, a user can see friend’s birthday, reminder, events, and trending topics. There is also an in-app browser dedicated to reading articles from the News Feed.

The new application will replace Facebook Windows 8 app though users still can use the older version if they have it installed. The app on Window 10 mobile should be expected later in the year.

The new Messenger app for Windows 10 also supports latest features including GIFs, stickers, and group conversation. When a user has incoming chats, he/she will be notified through the desktop notification. Messenger app Live Tile can be pinned on the Star Menu and can display awaiting messages. Windows 10 mobile version will also come later on within the year.

The new Instagram Window 10 mobile app supports video, direct messaging, search, and Explore feature. It has an account-switching feature that enables moving in between multiple Instagram accounts. By pinning the app to the home screen, users will see notifications and update. It also has Live Tile integration that displays photos.

The release of the apps comes at a critical time with Microsoft announcing Windows 10 increased monthly device from 200 million in January to 270 million in March.

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