BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s Future Android Phones Codenamed; Hamburg And Rome

Rumors from Berrylink show two Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Android-based smartphones that BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) is working on. The two smartphones are codenamed Hamburg and Rome, keeping with BlackBerry’s tradition of naming device after cities.


According to images from Berrylinks, the device has deviated from the traditional BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. The images show no sign of a physical keyboard but a full-size touchscreen. Chen had earlier in the year noted that one of the two phones that will be launched in 2016 would feature a keyboard while the other would be touch only. Hamburg seems to be the touch-only handset.

According to the images, the device measure 146mm*78 mm. The body appears to be metallic with a speaker grill under the screen. The power, volume, and other buttons are viewable on the sides.

It is rumored that this smartphone will be priced at less than $400 making it cheaper than Blackberry Priv that retails at $650. As noted earlier, the specs of this phone are expected to be more mid-range than the flagship.


Rome is the second rumored device. Unlike its counterpart, it bears the iconic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. It has a similar design to BlackBerry Passport, though it is rectangular instead of a square. Rome looks more like previous leaks of a device codenamed Vienna. The two are so similar that it is possible they are the same device. The only notable difference is that the keyboard on Rome looks sleeker than in Vienna. There and some slight colors difference.

Earlier on BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen confirmed that the company would be creating two new Google Android-based smartphones in 2016.

BlackBerry seems to be embracing Android operating system (OS) as opposed to its BlackBerry OS. Last year, the company unveiled BlackBerry Priv, which is an Android-based smartphone. Chen noted that the flagship was relatively well received though he pointed out that next release would be in the mid-range segment.

As of now, there are no rumors of what the operating specs of these devices might be.

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