Sunshine Heart Inc (NASDAQ:SSH) Has Been Given An ABR Of 1

As per the methodology defined by the respective research firm, the analysts deploy alternate terminology to release stock recommendations. Retail investors unfamiliar with the respective brokers find these recommendations difficult to interpret. So, Zacks sets an analyst brokerage rating for simplifying the recommendations on a 1 to 5 scale. Investors know it is a strong buy call when a rating is one and vice versa.

Analysts have a positive outlook on Sunshine Heart Inc (NASDAQ:SSH) stock. As of 2016-04-24, the stock has been placed an ABR of 1. This number comes on a scale of 1 to 5, where one suggests a strong buy call and five indicates Strong Sell. The ABR has been reached by 1 recommendations.

Sunshine Heart Inc (NASDAQ:SSH) has a 1-year price mean target of $9 and the median target is $9. The price target range varies in between $9 and $9, indicating a standard deviation of 0.

Zacks assigns the average brokerage recommendation for thousands of stocks for many investment websites. It is the average of the actual recommendations made by the brokerages on a specified stock. The recommendation is displayed with decimals as opposite to that of the Zacks Rank, which is assigned in whole numbers.

Although the ABR is assigned on a 1-5 scale, it is significantly different from the Zacks Rank. The Zacks ABR is purely based on brokerage calls. Analysts employed by research firms have been overly confident with their calls. For every “Strong Sell” call, brokerages assign 5 “Strong Buy” calls. Although brokerages may show some value, on average, the groups have not proven to be effective in directing investors to the shares with the highest probabilities of growth.

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